Cliff Bar Team Challenge

Cliff Bar Team Challenge at Granite Bay – relay

“Two Targetiers and a Teacher”

Alan, James and I decided to race as a team in the Cliff Bar Team Challenge.  Alan swam, James rode and I ran.

It was a hot day here in the Granite Bay area.  I enjoyed  being part of a relay, but it was hard for me to wait to start my part of the triathlon.  I’m used to starting early and since I was the last leg of the triathlon, I had to wait around.

The course was on the trail which I enjoy.  There was 1 big climb that I wasn’t expecting, but there’s nothing I could do but try to get up it as quickly as I could.

The course was well marked up until the end when I almost took a wrong turn.  Thankfully another runner came by me and told me to follow him.  Phew!

We had a good time and placed 7th out of 17 teams.


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