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Four Bridges – 1/2 marathon

Four Bridges 1/2 marathon

After running two 10ks and having a lot of fun, I decided it was time to try a 1/2 marathon.

This was my first 1/2 marathon since I was 17 years old.  That’s quite a few years in between races!!!!  I decided I wanted to the challenge of beating my previous time.  Would I be faster than I was when I was younger?  It was quite a challenge, but I was up for it.

I searched the internet for a beginner’s training plan and came across Hal Higdon’s plan.  I decided that I would use this for my plan.  Over the weeks I increased my mileage along with increasing my long run.  Training was going great!  It got time to taper and this concept was new to me.  I really didn’t know how to taper.  I talked to some people and found out that it would really help and I was given some suggestions on how to taper.

Up until this point, I didn’t know much about fueling for longer runs.  I was used to drinking water and that was it.  I experimented with a few gels and found a brand that I would use for race day.  During a practice run, one of my friends noticed that I got sluggish about 10 mins before I used a gel.  Little observations like this are very helpful.  I adjusted my plan for race day so that I fueled earlier and hoped that I would benefit from the extra calories.

Race day morning I got up early and I ate a big breakfast.  On the drive to the race, I sipped on water and ate a bar.  By the time I arrived and parked.  I didn’t want any more food.  I hope that I didn’t over eat.

The first mile was down a gentle slope.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t go out too fast and exhaust myself.  I held back a little bit.  It was nice running on a familiar path.  I knew where the rollers were.  The run itself is a beautiful run around Lake Natoma. Once I crossed the old Rainbow Bridge, I knew I had to push hard.  The last part of the race is up several switchbacks.  It’s a difficult way to finish.

I was thrilled when I crossed the finish line and looked at the time.  I beat my high school time by 2 minutes!

The best part was having my husband and kids there to watch me finish.