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The Hit III

The HIT III (70.3 – 1/2 ironman) – 2010

I had such a positive experience at Barb’s that I decided to go ahead and try another 1/2 ironman.  It was just 6 weeks later so I didn’t have to do too much more training.  I just had to stay “in shape.”  This wouldn’t be too hard as I enjoyed the workouts (both the sport and hanging out with my friends). The week of the race, I got a cold.  I tried to rest as much as possible, but it wiped me out!  I was napping everyday and I was tired.  I was going to make the best of this race.  But, it was hard for me to imagine pushing my body for so long without be able to take a nap half way through.

When we arrived at the start, I unloaded my bike and noticed I had a flat.  Shoot.  I’m not the best at changing tires.  I decided not to patch the tire and chance getting stuck out on the course needing to change my tire.  I asked my teammate to change my tire for me.  Sure enough he did.  Oh, thank you!  Really, I wish I had my own private crew to follow me on my bike to change my flats.  This was pretty close to that.

The swim was great.  The lake was calm and the water was warm.  There weren’t too many people that I had to fight for a spot.  I don’t start in the front as my swim is not my strength.  I just want an uneventful swim and that is what I got.

I have always been told to expect the unexpected and boy did that apply to my ride.  As we exit the transition area and head for the main road, we have to go over speed bumps.  Ha!  I never practiced this.  Bump……there goes 1 water bottle.  Bump……..shoot, there goes my second water bottle.  I could have stopped, but at that point a rider came up and asked if I wanted one of his bottles.  That was lucky for me.  Thanks!  I took a few sips as I could already feel the heat of the day.  Bump……I was holding the bottle this time and feared I would crash if I didn’t hold on with 2 hands.  So down went a third bottle.  This was not off to a good start.  My teammate rode up to me and I asked him to if I could have some water until the water station.  Again, thank you!

I was finally off on my 56 mile ride.  At the beginning the roads were pretty flat, but very bumpy.  Something didn’t seem right with my front tire so I pulled over to check it out.  I don’t want any problems on the bike course.  Everything was ok, so I proceeded.

Finally approaching the first water station I was dehydrated.  I stopped and drank some and then took 2 bottles for the ride.  I knew I needed to make up for not having enough fluids early on.

Here I am coming in on the bike.  Even though I had some challenges, I still had a smile on my face.

I was happy to get off my bike and begin the run.  I always look forward to this part.  This course was partly on cement, but mainly on dirt.  Unfortunately, it was very hot that day ~95 degrees and there wasn’t a tree in sight.  The course is a 2 lap course.  Ok, I was off…….

The first lap went by quickly and was challenging, but not too bad.  The second lap was far more difficult.  There were a few times where I actually had to stop and walk for a few seconds.  I haven’t walked in a race for………well, I don’t think I have ever walked in a race.  I wasn’t alone.  I saw so many people walking and some of these athletes looked to be in good shape.  I blame it on the heat.  It really was very hot and without shade!

This is a photo starting the second lap.

I finished the second lap and was greeted by my 2 children on the final stretch of the race.  I was a happy mommy!

I finished 8 mins slower than my previous half ironman.  Final time was: 6:04:52…….12th women…….3rd in my age group.