2011 Races

2011 Races

This was a short season for me.  And, I wasn’t ready to race until September.  Since I was injured at the end of 2010, I went through physical therapy which included strengthening my core as well as changing my running form.  It only took 9 months to get back to racing!  Here are the races I was able to compete in:

PAL Holiday Run 10k

I managed to PR at the Folsom Turkey Trot 10k –  This is hard to do because the 10k runners have to merge with the 5k runners.  It’s not easy to dodge people.

Run for Courage 5k

This race was on one of my favorite trails around here.  However, the course was short and so my time reflects a much faster pace than I really ran.  Oh, well!

Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer 5k

This was the first race after my body protested and sort of fell apart last fall.

When I signed up for this 5k, I didn’t notice that it was an evening race.  Here in the Sacramento area, it is very warm in the late afternoon/early evening! When I finally figured out the time of the race, I knew that I had to watch what I ate the whole day, but more importantly, I had to drink plenty of water.

Here I am coming down the final stretch.

It was great to have my kids and husband at the finish line!


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