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Auburn Resolution Trail Run

This was the second time I raced this course.  This is a great race and a huge challenge!  I ran the 5k course and was back to see if I could beat my previous time.

Unfortunately, I had a cold and wasn’t sure how that was going to impact my breathing.  The gun went off and we were off.  Immediately, we descended into the canyon.  There are a few parts on the descent that were very steep and slippery due to gravel.  I had to slow down a bit to remain in control.

Once I was on the canyon floor, there was a short trail run before we started to climb.  The climb is always interesting.  I felt like I was stronger on the climb this time even though I had to walk once or twice in steep areas.  Sometimes it’s just better for me to take a few walking steps than use all my energy trying to run up a steep slope.  Once I reached the top, there was a short distance to run on the pavement before I crossed the finish line.

I ended up being 3 seconds slower than the previous time I ran this race.  However, I felt like my legs were much stronger this time around.