Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5k

I came up with this idea to work towards a 6:30 pace for my 5k.  This was my first attempt.  I was familiar with this course and knew that it was a flat, fast course.  Plus, I would have some good competition at this race.2012 Sacramento Zoo Zoom (snip it)

Here I am at one point in the race.  What I notice about this picture is that I lost my form.  I was heal striking at this point…..ugh!  I have been working hard on my form and when I am training, I am able to keep my form.  But, I notice that when I race, I lose my form.

2012 Sacramento Zoo Zoom 5 (snip it )

Here I am crossing the finish line.

2012 Sacramento Zoo Zoom 6 (snip it )

And, this is so typical of me……What’s my time?  Did I meet my goal?  Well, unfortunately, I did not meet my goal, but I was closer to it (6:42 pace).  No worries, there’s another chance in a few weeks!  After all, if I hit my goal after 1 race, it wouldn’t have been much of a challenge.


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