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Folsom’s Run with Nature

This was the second 5k race that I signed up for.  However, with this course, I knew that I wouldn’t hit my goal time.  I would just enjoy the course and have fun racing.

The race started with a quick downhill.  I wanted to make sure that I stayed with the pack without going too fast.  I hung back a little and watched my pace allowing myself to go a little faster than normal.  By the time we hit the flat area, I was ready to put in a little more effort.

Soon, I was the first female runner and had the privilege of  a cyclist leading me and clearing the way.  The race was on a well used trail that was not closed to general use.

The last part of the race was going to be challenging.  There was a stretch with a good climb up switchbacks.  Fortunately, I  knew this course and was prepared.

Right before the switchbacks, another female runner passed me.  Darn it!  I was going to push as hard as I could and try to pass her.  She was running strong but I wasn’t going to give up yet.  We were approaching the final turn when she abruptly stopped.  I thought that’s strange.  I continued to the finish line.  It turned out that she wasn’t entered in the race.  So, I don’t know how much of the race she ran.  But, she helped me push hard to the end.  I ended up being the first female runner!!!

2012-05 Run w Nature