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Fab 40’s 5k

This race was my last attempt for the season to hit my 5k pace goal.  I had never run this race, but I was pretty sure it would be flat since it was in Sacramento.  Sure enough, it was a flat race with 1 tiny slope.

This race also holds a special place in my heart since my mom was diagnosed with Alzhiemer’s several years ago.  The Fab 40’s committee donates all proceeds from this event to the Alzheimer’s Association

When the gun went off, I knew I had to go out at my goal pace and work hard to hold it.  I did a good job until the last .5 of a mile.  Originally, my plan was to run a negative split.  Well, the negative split didn’t happen.  And, I didn’t hit my goal either.

I still walked away feeling good about the race since I knew that I had trained hard, raced hard and I earned a PR.  Although I didn’t hit my target pace, I came closer to it.  I ended up running a 20:42 = 6:39 avg pace.  I’ll take it!

I dedicated this race to my mom


This is a picture of how I like to remember my mom.

Alzheimer’s disease has affected my family.  It stole my mom, an intelligent, fun, loving, and independent woman.  My mom is gone and I’m left with the shell of a person I deeply loved.

I miss my mom.  I miss her sense of humor, our talks, and our outings.  I miss her stories about her life.  I miss the patient, loving, playful grandma she was to my children.  I miss her unconditional love.  I miss our friendship.  I miss my mom.

Since she no longer recognizes me as her daughter, I’m learning to accept and embrace this new relationship.  I cherish the smiles and laughter we share.  I cherish the compassion I see in my children when we visit.  I cherish these moments because I know there will be less of these good times as the disease progresses.

I ran in this race to honor my mom and to help support an association that will help find a cure for Alheimer’s.