Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

The other day my kids asked me why I had so many pairs of running shoes. Oh, the answer wasn’t so simple. You see, 2 years ago when I ran my first marathon, I found myself running in shoes that had about 500 miles on them which meant they needed to be replaced and could have contributed to my current injury. But the marathon was in 2 weeks and I was injured, unable to run during those 2 weeks! I wasn’t in a good position and had to carefully find a solution. Reluctantly, I opted to buy another pair of the same shoes and wear them around as much as possible before I ran the 26.2 miles in them. It worked, but wasn’t ideal.

With this experience in the back of my mind, I approached this year’s marathon training much differently. I logged my miles and kept a close eye on the mileage as I trained for the upcoming marathon. Good thing, because before I knew it, I was quickly approaching the 200 mile mark on my current shoes and still had several weeks of training left. With a quick calculation, I knew that I wouldn’t make it to marathon day with the same shoes if I didn’t begin running in multiple pairs of shoes. I tried to get another pair of my favorite shoes, but they were last year’s model and unfortunately, I could not find my size anywhere.  I dusted off a pair that I had recently retired and could get away with running a few more miles in as long as the runs were short runs. This was great! I could now use my main shoes for my long runs and the marathon.  I would only use my second pair for short runs. Now, the third pair of shoes is a new pair that I will start to break in tomorrow. I have a few short runs that I will use these for. They are the same brand shoe and they should be ok for a short distance for now. Since the 2 main pairs of shoes will need to be retired after the marathon, I’ll need to have at least 1 pair ready to run in after the marathon.  And, the fourth and last pair of shoes is the pair I walk around in. I pretty much wear running shoes all the time. But, I don’t want to add extra miles to my current running shoes, so I wear a pair of retired shoes. The retired shoes are still in good shape, they just don’t provide the stability or the cushioning I need for long runs. Therefore, they are demoted to walking shoes. Anyways, this is the reason I need 4 pairs of shoes. I’m not sure my kids really cared.

An important piece to my puzzle is paying attention to how many miles I have run in a pair of shoes.  It definitely can save me  from an unnecessary injury.


3 thoughts on “Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

    • Josh,
      My shoes actually have a long life after I’m done running in them. Like I mentioned, I use them as my day to day shoes right off the bat. Or, if they are a pair that can pass for a boy’s shoe, my son will wear them. I also keep an extra pair in the car. You never know when you might need a pair. And, I use them as gardening shoes, too. When I feel they are completely worn out, I wash them and then donate them.

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