Turkey Trot – 2012

This was my 3rd time running the Folsom Turkey Trot.  However, this year would be a little different.  We were going to the Turkey Trot as a family.  Since I am tapering for a marathon, I would not be racing the Turkey Trot.  Instead, my daughter and I would run together.  I was excited to share the morning with Natalia.

Unfortunately, my husband Mark hurt his foot and was unable to run with our son.  So, Jordan was planning to run on his own.

Here is a picture of Jordan and Natalia before the race.  It was a beautiful morning!  It was a bit chilly early on, but by the time we started we could feel the warmth of the sun.

We found our friends before the start of the 5k.  Natalia and I stayed with Liz and Grayson.  Liz’s husband, Jeremy was nice enough and agreed to run with Jordan.  Even though Jordan is old enough to run by himself, it makes me feel better knowing that he is with an adult.  Thank you, Jeremy!

Here’s a picture of Jordan finishing.  He ended up walking the last mile due to cramping.  We agreed that he probably started too fast.  He was a bit hard on himself.  Hmmm, I wonder where he gets that!  However, there’s always another race. I’m proud of him for getting out there and trying.

Natalia had a great race.  She was able to jog – walk the first 2 miles and she jogged the last mile.  She finished strong!  I’m proud of her for trying hard and for having a good time.

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