What it takes to run a marathon……….

What it takes to run a marathon……….

I’ve been thinking about my upcoming marathon (a lot!).  I find it amazing that I can do this and I don’t take my training for granted.  I thought I would share what I’ve been doing for the past 4 months.  This has been my experience…………

  • A good solid base to start your training
    1. I was already running 13 – 14 miles comfortably before starting this training plan.
    2. 16 weeks of training.  Here’s a look at my running miles over the 16 weeks.  You can see where I ran into a little glitch (an unhappy IT Band is to blame).  During weeks 9/10 and 9/17, I hit a new weekly mileage high of 45 and 46 miles!

  • Dedication and consistency
  • Lots and lots of running and cross training
    1. Here is a split of my running and cycling as of today, 11/23/12.  I normally cycle once a week for cross training.   But since I had an “issue” with my IT band, I had to substitute running with cycling for a few weeks.  This affected my overall number of miles I ran.

  • 16 weekly long runs:  14 miles – 20 miles long.
  1. This is the workout that is crucial to training.
  2. Again, I missed a few long runs since I had an “issue.”  However, I substituted the long                                      run with a long ride.
  • A good source of fuel.  When I’m running over 90 minutes, I use a gel about every 30 minutes.  I was shocked to know that by marathon day I will have depleted my stock……. 6 boxes = 72 packs.

  • A good Physical Therapist (in case any “issues” arise) and a good massage therapist.
  • Core exercises and nightly stretching.
  1. My PT put together a great core strengthening program for me.
  2. I also have a nightly stretching routine.  My hamstrings continue to be tight even with lots of stretching!
  • Some sort of massage tool.  I love both my foam roller and my massage stick.


This is what it has taken me to get ready for my marathon!

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