My favs (equipment) of 2012

2012 Favorites

Here are some of my favorite running items in no particular order.  These can make great gifts for the runner in your life. I’d love to hear what you like.

I love my Asics running shoes.  I like both the kayano and the GT-2170 styles.


Running belts

  • On short distances or when I don’t need to carry water, I prefer the SPIbelt.  My phone fits into the pouch and doesn’t bounce.

  • On longer runs when I need to carry water, I prefer the Nathan Running Belt.


How did I ever survive without my Garmin watch?  I love knowing my distance and my current and average paces.  And, there are times when I will wear the heart rate monitor, too.  However, I need to make sure that I am not too dependent on this watch.  I don’t want to lose the ability to run by feeling.

I enjoy listening to music when I run.  My Apple Ipod Shuffle is very light and easy to use.

When I have to fuel, Hammer gels are my choice.

Oh, Body Glide!  No long distance runner can live without this.  Chafing is no fun……I think we’ve all learned our lesson at least once.

After a long run or workout, The Stick helps me with recovery.  Sometimes I walk around the house with The Stick and massage whenever I have a few extra minutes.

The foam roller is another great tool to help with stretching and recovery .

The core strengthening program that I use requires an exercise ball.  I have learned to enjoy this part of my workout.


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