Strengthen that Core!

Yes, I was told to do core exercises years ago.  I just didn’t really like to do them.  It was boring and I was so weak that the exercises were a huge challenge (think pain).  A little over 2 years ago, I injured myself and learned that I really needed to strengthen my core.  I agreed and worked hard at it!

During my off season about a year ago, I got a little lazy about those exercises.  Well, there were consequences and I felt them.  Once again, I started strengthening my core and it made all the difference.

I don’t think I’ll ever stop strengthening my core.  I now accept the fact that if I want to run, I need a strong core.  A few times each week I do my core routine.  It really is a must.

Here is part of an article about why……….

 Why should runners do core stability exercises?

  1. Running involves a balance of powerful movements, it’s a complex activity and you need a strong foundation. Any weakness or imbalance within the muscles of the body, including the core, can lead to a decrease in efficient movement.
  2. If you’re not running efficiently you’re using up too much energy, you’ll fatigue quicker and your body will make compensatory movements which can lead to increased strain on muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  3. Increased strain causes overuse and can ultimately lead to injury and lay off from training.

As with single leg strength training, which I am a real advocate of, by addressing muscular imbalances and improving muscular strength you will prevent and reduce injuries to the body and as a runner you will improve your efficiency and overall performance.

If you want to read the whole article:

My friend Caryn at Health Inspired Training  just posted another great resource:

Since I am now on rest and recovery, it is a great time for me to devote some time to continuing to strengthen my core.  It doesn’t take that long, maybe 15 minutes per workout.  In addition, I am trying to find a yoga class that fits my schedule.  I believe I will benefit from the additional stretching and strengthening.


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