2013 Goals

images- 2013

Have you set your goals for 2013?

I’m in the process of finding the right events for me.  Along with searching for the events, I’ve decided to make a few changes.

After being coached for the last 2 years, by a wonderful coach, I have decided to take a break.  Instead, I will use a plan from the internet (I’m not sure which one yet).  This may mean that I may not be as competitive, but that’s ok with me for this season.  My focus is going to be more of a, just get out there and have fun attitude.  We’ll see how long that lasts (I’m naturally super competitive).

I also want to switch things up a bit and do more trail running.  Not only do I enjoy the trails around here, but I hope to strengthen my legs.

I also know that I need to continue strengthening my body.  So I hope to introduce Yoga into my weekly workouts in addition to my core workouts.

While setting my goals for the year, I came across these two good reads:



This was a good article for me to read and remind myself of some of these points ……….oh, I’m so guilty of #2 and #6.

These are the events (some for the kids, some for the family and others for me) I have chosen for 2013:

1/1/13 – 1 mile fun run benefiting Sweet Dreams – family event

3/24/13 Knickerbocker Canyon Trail – 10k – for me

4/14/13 – Sacramento Zoo Zoom – kid races

4/27/13 – Folsom Lake Trail Run 10k – for me

5/?/13 – JDRF Coloma 10k or 10 mile Run – for me

I will reevaluate and decide what I feel like doing for the next half of the year.

6/2/13 – Kaiser’s Women’s Fitness 5k – daughter and me

6/23/13 -????Burton Creek Trail Run – Half marathon -for me

7/?/13 – Fab 40’s benefiting Alzheimer’s Foundation 5k – family event

8/3/13- Color Run – family event

9/28/13 – ????Big Sur Trail – Half marathon -for me

10/7/13 – JDRF walk – family event

10/19/13 -The Sierra Trail – Half marathon -for me

11/?/13 – ????????

11/22/13 – Folsom Turkey Trot – family event

12/?/13 -????????

These are just some of the great events in our surrounding area!  I hope you find what you are looking for and get out there to play!!!

I’m going to add some cycling events, too.  There’s so much to do……..


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