Trail Running

I love trail running!  Take a look at these pictures.  How could you not love it?!


The oaks are absolutely beautiful!  I never get tired of looking at them.


There are no cars whizzing by at 60 mph.  It is so quiet on the trails.  I’m able to enjoy the sounds of chirping birds and flowing streams.  And, I smell fresh air instead of car fumes.


All and all, it’s therapeutic…… allows me to relax and really enjoy my time running.  The best part of trail running is that there are so many trails around here!  These pictures came from trails practically in my backyard.  Wanna know where these trails are?  Well, if you don’t recognize them, you’ll have to come running with me.


I’m not new to trail running.  In fact, I ran cross country in high school (I know, a really long time ago) and in the past few years, I tried to incorporate a weekly trail run into my training plan.  However, giving up the roads completely is new for me.  So far I’ve been happy with my decision.

One of my goals for 2013 was to switch to trail running.  I chose to do this for a few reasons:

  • I wanted to take a break from road racing
  • I felt that my body would benefit from less impact than road running
  • I love the trails around here and want to explore more of them
  • I hope to strengthen my legs

Here’s another picture, just because.


Once I set the goal, I had to take action.  What have I done to make this change?

  • Since the last week of Dec., all of my runs have been on the trails (except maybe 1 or 2)
  •  I joined a local trail running group.  I’m really excited about meeting some other trail runners
  •  I found some trail running training plans
  •  I chose a few trail runs to race

A few things I need to remind myself:

  • When trail running, my pace will be slower than on the road which means that I will cover fewer miles
  • I need to really pay attention to the trail.  Sometimes there are rocks in my way!
  • Take the time to enjoy being out in nature! (this isn’t too hard to do)

Now, I need to figure out how to prevent my shoes from collecting so much mud.  They must have weighed 10lbs each!  Ok, maybe not that much, but a lot.

This was from my run this morning.  A little cold (low 30’s), but such a beautiful trail run.

trail running pic with frost

Next time, I’ll have to post some lake views.  But until then, come on out and give trail running a try!

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