Awesome Trail Run!

Mud, rocks, creeks and hills…….oh, yeah, now that’s trail running.  I had such a great time that I wanted to share it with you.

Saturday morning I went on an awesome trial run!  I had been on this trail before, but it was during the fall when things were dry and I was in great shape from my marathon training.  This time around, it was a cool, foggy morning and the trail was still muddy from recent rains.  In addition, I’m in my “base phase (think nice slow, relatively short runs),” nowhere close to the shape I was in just months before.

20130126 trail 1

Muddy Trail!

While I’m in this “base phase,” I’m supposed to keep my effort level very low.  Normally, I can do that by controlling my pace.  However, on Saturday, I have to say there were several parts of the run where my effort level was anything but low due to the hills.

I know that not everyone likes the challenge of a hill, but I love it!  Hills will make me a strong runner.  Hills are my friend! This trail not only offers hills, but the hills are rocky.  The rocks don’t cause a problem for me on the way up.  But, being a novice trail runner, the rocks are still a challenge for me on the descents.

20130126 trail 7This was one of the hills.  A little rocky?

Just as I was getting a little winded, I turned the corner and a came upon a view of the lake.  It couldn’t have come at a better time.  The distraction was appreciated and I was reminded of why I love trail running (the views are only 1 reason).

20130126 trail 3Beautiful view

Although I wanted to continue running on the trail, I followed my workout plan (does this surprise you?) and turned around at the ½ hour point making it an hour run.  I’m still adjusting to the fact that I won’t cover as many miles on the trails as I used to out on the road.  But being able to enjoy nature makes it all worth it. 


It’s always fun rock hopping across a creek.


2 thoughts on “Awesome Trail Run!

  1. Alisyn, this is the continuation of the trail that we ran today. I started at the Marina and then went towards the “Spanish House.” It’s much more challenging then the side we ran today. See ya soon!

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