TGIF! 2/1/2013

TGIF……..It’s Friday again.  And, I’m looking forward to a long run this weekend!  What activity do you have planned?

Each week, I’d like to share an outdoor activity with everyone.  It’s my Friday Favorite Photo Post(how’s that for some alliteration?).  I’m going to be sharing pictures of the trails in this area for the first few weeks.  I’m having so much fun running the trails that I just need to share my experiences with you!!!  I’m thinking that maybe I should rename this to Friday’s Favorite Find.  What do you think?

By the way, I’d love it if you shared some with me, too!

20130131 Falcon Crest Trail 3This is a great way to start the day!

Thanks to the running club that I joined (Thank you Bryan for organizing the runs!), I have been able to explore some new trails.  These pictures are from my run yesterday.  Although I ran in the area 2 times this week on different parts of the trail.  It’s absolutely gorgeous out here and I feel so fortunate to live close to these trails.  Not only are the trails 5 mins from my house, but I am lucky to be able to get out and enjoy them!

20130131 Falcon Crest Trail 2

The turkey vultures meet up here, too!

20130131 Falcon Crest Trail

Can you see the vulture spreading his wings?

We actually did some running while we were out there (I hope I didn’t hold us up too long taking a few pics).   This is one of the views we came upon about a mile or so into the run.  Pretty amazing!

20130201_090257Folsom Lake so calm and peaceful.

Not more than a few minutes from seeing this view, we were at the edge of the shallow river that feeds into the lake.  In order to continue the run, we needed to cross over.  Trail running is so much fun with all of the obstacles.

20130201_090858 (1)

We rock hopped across…… wet shoes!

TGIF………..I hope you are able to get out this weekend and play!!!

3 thoughts on “TGIF! 2/1/2013

  1. I did the lunch run up there a couple of weeks ago, wonder if we were in the same group! It’s just beautiful with a view of the lake! Maybe I’ll see you out there on the trails sometime! I’m going to try to make a few more FTR runs as the weather improves.

  2. Hi Charene,
    I’m glad you found me via my blog. I sent you an email the other day. I’m not sure you got it or not? I just joined the FTR group, so I don’t think we ran together. But, if you’d like to go for a run, with or without the group, let me know.

    • Hi Jen, Sorry, but I did not receive an email from you. 😦 I wonder if it went into my junk folder or something…

      I’ve been fighting some icky virus this week, my whole family is sick, so I’m laying low even though I’m running the super bowl sunday 10k in Sacramento. We all seem to be on the mend, so I’m thinking I should be back in action next week. This virus has been crazy. It’s nothing major, just complete exhaustion, but thankfully no flu symptoms!

      Maybe we can get out sometime in the next couple of weeks. I know you are also part of Team Revs. Are you MTB’ing or road biking it these days? I’m new to the cycling world, but loving it.

      Have a great day and I’ll talk to you soon.

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