TGIF! 2/8/2013

TGIF……..It’s Friday again.  And, I’m looking forward to running and then either hiking or treasure hunting with the family this weekend!  What activity do you have planned?

Each week, I’d like to share an outdoor activity with everyone.   I’m going to be sharing pictures of the trails in this area for the first few weeks (maybe months).  I’m having so much fun running and learning the trails around here that I just need to share my experiences with you!!!    I decided to rename it Friday’s Favorite Find since I’ve been exploring new (to me) areas.

By the way, I’d love it if you shared some outdoor activities with me, too!  Tell me about your favorite trail.

This week I went out to the Salmon Falls Trail with about 10 runners from the running group I belong to.  It was an easier trail (a little rocky), the views were gorgeous, and it was fun talking and getting to know the other runners.

20130207 salmon falls 6There’s the Salmon Falls Bridge that crosses the American River

The trail started along the river and then it ventured into the trees with a few rollers.

20130207 salmon falls 1A few runners from our group.

We crossed a few streams and climbed a few hills.  And then I heard a familiar, “moo.”  It wasn’t long until we approached a group of cows hanging out in the meadow.  The first time we passed the cows, they didn’t seem to mind.  But, on the way back, they weren’t happy and they were ready to charge! I was a little nervous since they weren’t fenced in and those cows are really big!

20130207 salmon falls 2Our new friends.

We decided to run a quick 6 miles, 3 out and 3 back.  The views and conversation made it pass quickly.  Not only am I enjoying running the trails, but I’m also having a good time taking a few pictures.

20130207 salmon falls 5On the way back, I couldn’t help but pose for a quick picture.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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