The BUILD phase has begun!


Last week I started the BUILD PHASE……yahoo! In this phase, my weekly mileage will increase, adding a little to each long run, and I will also add a weekly speed workout or a hill repeat workout (Remember, hills are our friends!).  I love these tough workouts!

track image

My first race (a 10k) is in 6 weeks.   At the moment, I can easily run the 6.2 miles, but I am lacking the speed.  So, the next few weeks will help me prepare for the race by increasing my speed.  In addition, being out on the trails gives me the added experience I need.  Learning to watch my footing and how to run down hill is going to be just as important as running fast.

I enjoy the build phase and look forward to the longer runs.  After spending several months training for December’s marathon, I became accustomed to a weekly long (14-20 mile) run. I really miss those long runs!  Although it will take some time to safely build up to a 15 miler, at least I know that I’m on my way.

During the build phase, I will continue to run most of my workouts at an easy effort (zone 2).  It took me a few years to accept this way of training, but I now prefer it for several reasons.  (I’m working on a post all about zone 2 training).  As I continue to build my fitness, I will remember to decrease my long run every 3rd week to allow for adequate recovery (us older folks have to make sure we get the rest our bodies need).  In addition, I will take into consideration a taper week before the race and a recover week after the race.

The next few weeks will look like this:

BUILD (last week)

BUILD (this week)







Do you plan out your workouts or do you just go out and run?  I’d love to hear what other people are doing to help prepare themselves for their races.

Happy Running!


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