TGIF! 2/15/2013

TGIF!…..Another Friday and another great weekend to get outside and play.  This weekend happens to be a 4 day weekend for the kiddos and me.  Unfortunately, Mark (hubby) is locked up at work cranking out numerous tax returns.  Fortunately, he’ll get to take off 1 day to play.

Each week, I’d like to share an outdoor activity with everyone.   I’m going to be sharing pictures of the trails in this area for the first few weeks (maybe months).  I’m having so much fun running and learning the trails around here that I just need to share my experiences with you!!!    I decided to rename it Friday’s Favorite Find since I’ve been exploring new (to me) areas.

By the way, I’d love it if you shared some outdoor activities with me, too!  Tell me about your favorite trail.

This week I went out with some of my running friends to a trail that I had run on once before.  But this time, I approached it from a different start point and we ran a longer distance.  There are so many trails around here that it’s going to take me awhile to explore them all.

The trails surrounding the lake or along the river are beautiful.  Getting out for a run, hike, or ride  is a great way to spend part of your day.

20130214 falcon crest 2

I knew I wanted to run a total of 1 hour 15 minutes this day.  I had a cold so I decided to run it at a very casual pace.  I didn’t mind stopping to take a few pictures along the way since it was a casual run.  Plus, these sights are what make my runs so interesting!

20130214 falcon crest 5

This is one of my favorite pics!  I love old barns.  I couldn’t really see the image as I was taking it because of the sun.  So, unfortunately, it’s a little crooked.

20130214 falcon crest 1

I love the green grass along side the trails.

20130214 falcon crest 3

Another favorite thing to see during a run is a bridge.  This bridge crosses the New York Creek.  I didn’t realize this creek ran out so far.  Uh, I guess I never really thought about where it ended.

20130214 falcon crest 4

We came upon a very over grown area.  I’m really hoping all the bushes were wild berry bushes instead of dreaded poison oak bushes.  I guess I’ll have my answer in the next day or two.  Anyway, I should have known that the trail was closed.  When we reached the street, there was a sign posted………. another sign coming off of the main trail would have been helpful.

All in all, it was a great run with good conversation.   Seeing my long run time increasing is an added benefit!

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “TGIF! 2/15/2013

  1. This looks like a beautiful trail. I ran on the Monte Vista N trail this week, it was beautiful. I got on the trailhead at Falcon. Where is this one? One of these days we will be able to run together. I have a marathon in just over a month and when that is over and I’ve recovered, I can have my life back! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Charene, That’s where this trail is! I know that there are different ways to go from the same parking lot. So, perhaps you went a different way. Good luck with the last weeks of marathon training. Let me know when you’d like to go running. Thanks for taking a look at my post.

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