TGIF!…..Another Friday and another great weekend to get outside and play.  The weather has been great lately.  It’s sure feeling like an early spring.

Each week, I’d like to share an outdoor activity with everyone.   I’m going to be sharing pictures of the trails in this area for the first few weeks (maybe months).  I’m having so much fun running and learning the trails around here that I just need to share my experiences with you!!!    I decided to rename it Friday’s Favorite Find since I’ve been exploring new (to me) areas.

20130228 sweet water

Two fellow FTR runners joined me to explore the Sweet Water Trail.  None of us had ever run this trail, but we thought we could figure it out.  I had been to the Sweet Water area once before, but this was of no help. We started off and right away made a wrong choice.  I guided us down to the lower trail closer to the water.  The water is like a magnet.  I’m continuously attracted to it.

20130228 sweet water 2

It wasn’t all bad.  Look at the view we had!

 We were able to continue along for awhile before it became unrunnable (is this a word?) and I knew that we should be up higher.  I looked around and found a place where we could cut through the bushes (someone else must have needed a cut through, too).  We found the trail and were off.

20130228 sweet water 7

I took this picture of the lower trail on our way back  from the high trail.  The trails were not very far away from each other at this point.

I was surprised to reach the end of the trail so quickly.  It was only 2.6 miles from our car to the end of the trail.  Hmmmm, we needed to add on some more mileage and we were unsure how to continue on trail.  We opted to take the road for a short bit and then start a different trail that all 3 of us were familiar with.

20130228 sweet water 5

The trail that we chose goes along the American River.  It is a bit rocky at the beginning.

It was time to turn around even though I would have loved to continue running.  On our way back, I had to stop and take this picture…….It was so beautiful.  I feel so fortunate to live here and be able to get out and enjoy the area.

20130228 sweet water 6


We were hoping to stay on the right trail the whole way back.  We were successful up until the end of the run where there was a fork in the trail.  Of course, we chose the wrong way.  Fortunately, Alisyn spoke up and said it didn’t seem right before we had gone very far.   Fortunately, it all worked out and we had a good run.

After spending the last few weeks exploring this side of the lake and river, I now know how to connect several different runs and cover a lot of distance on just one trail!

2013-02-28 Garmin map sweet water trail

Here is the map of the out and back run.  Yeah, it wasn’t exactly out and back.

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