Life Happens……..

How do you react when things don’t go as planned?  Well, March gave me a lesson in being flexible.

I was just looking over my training for the month of March and realized it was NOWHERE close to what I had planned.  I know that consistency is important and I am usually a very consistent person.  However, sometimes, life happens……..

The first week of March went well and I was able to stick to my plan.

March week1


week 1 – 22.73 run miles

The second week, things changed.  I had a very sick kiddo at home, which meant multiple all nighters for me.   Then, my other child got sick.  I was lucky to be able to jump on the trainer as much as I did.    And quite frankly, I would give up all my exercise to keep them healthy.

March week2

week 2 – 0 run miles……gulp!

I found a little more routine and consistency in week three.  Although this was a race week, my mileage was good.

March week3week 3 – 25.21 run miles

The fourth week was another unexpected week.  Even though I had this week planned as a recovery week, I didn’t realize how beat up my legs would be from the race.  This was also spring break for the kids, so I was happy to take a few days off and have some fun with them.  But, 3.84 miles of running?  Really?  Cycling has saved me more than once.  Not only is it a great source of cross training, but when I can’t run, for whatever reason, I can get a good, solid workout on the trainer.

March week4week 4 – 3.84 run miles…….ouch!

It’s a new month and thankfully this week started out well and I have found the routine and consistency I crave.  Let’s just hope March was a fluke.  I know that there will be times that my training has to take a back seat.  I’m thankful that I was able to jump back into my plan (as we all know I love “plans”) and the future months allow me time to train.

2013 March week5week 5 – 25.0 run miles

Here’s to training……..


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