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JDRF’s Coloma River Run

This was JDRF’s 2nd annual Coloma Run and I planned to run it this year (Although I wanted to run it last year, I had a conflict that didn’t allow for it.).  JDRF is an amazing organization and one that we are so appreciative of since my daughter has Type 1 diabetes.   I know that JDRF gives my family hope.  If you’d like to read more about JDRF here is a link:


My bib number was 1……yeah, a lot of pressure goes with that number.  I do have to set the record straight……The bib numbers were distributed alphabetically, not based on performance.

I was signed up to run the 10 mile race.  However, training didn’t go well this month and I wasn’t feeling up to racing.  My 8 year old daughter knew that the JDRF race was approaching and mentioned that she would like to run the 5k.  I jumped at the opportunity to run with her and make it a special day for her.  I gladly changed my entry to the 5k and registered her.  (By the way, this is a huge dream of mine coming true.  I hope to run with my children for many years!)


It was a beautiful morning.  When we arrived at the race site, it was sunny, but not too warm.  We both wore shorts with tech shirts and light second layers.  It wasn’t until right before the race when I felt warm enough to leave my sweatshirt behind.  I also wore a backpack with 2 water bottles, her testing kit, and a variety of snacks with different carb counts in case my daughter felt low during the run.  I ran with my phone in my hand to snap pics along the way.


The start of the race was a bit dusty with the dry trail.  But within a few minutes, the group had spread out and it wasn’t long before the 5k trail veered off from the other trails.

The 5k trail was great!  There were some gentle climbs, shaded areas, views of the river, meadows of flowers, and rocks to avoid.  I was so proud of my daughter as I ran behind her.  I couldn’t help but remind her to start slowly and to save some energy for later.  She quickly told me that she knew that…….ok.  This was her third 5k.  She ran the last one in November and must have remembered what to do.  She was doing a great job with her pacing.  We ran and I tried to give her hints on the climbs.  I told her to pump her arms, look straight ahead (not down the whole time) and to walk if she needed to.  We ran for a mile before our first walking break.


From mile 1 to mile 2.5 we ran and walked.  I snapped a few pictures, we talked, I dropped the water bottle, a few times.  My daughter was excited to hear the spectators cheer her on.  I had a huge smile on my face.  I was a proud mom.

2013-05 JDRF trail run w Natalia


When we hit the 2.5 mile point, we could see the finish.  This is where I started with my pep talk.  I wanted her to enjoy the race, but to also push herself a little (remember, she’s 8).  We passed another little girl who was walking by this point.  All I could do was encourage her and go with her pace.


As we approached the finish line, she got caught up in the atmosphere and found the energy to speed up.


She had a strong finish and earned 2nd place in her age group.


A few post race pics.

20130518_090244 20130518_085903

We both had a great run and what a wonderful way to start off the day.  Since this was such a positive experience, I’m hoping I have a new running partner.  On the way home, she asked if we could run another 5k soon.  Ahhh, now that’s music to my ears.  And, yes, of course we will run together again, soon!

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