Rest and Recovery

I’ve just completed the fourth phase of my training (the phases: base, build, race and rest and recovery).  For the past 2 weeks, I have been on a mini “rest and recovery.”  After training hard for 6 months, I was ready to take a break both physically and mentally.  During this two week period of rest and recovery, my body has time to rest and heal.  I also have the chance to sleep in a bit and not have to try to squeeze in my workouts before my family’s day begins.  Sometimes it’s hard to find a good time to train.

It’s only been in the last few years that I learned the importance of this phase.  I finally learned/accepted that if I want my body to perform at it’s best, then I need to give it time to rest (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme!)  And I admit that the first few days of this phase are hard for me.   I am usually antsy and need to find something else to do.  This is a good time for a family vacation.


We enjoy kayaking together.

During this phase, it doesn’t mean that I stop all training.  It just means that I dial it back.  I rode on my trainer every other day during the first week.  I ran three times and rode twice during the second week.  In addition, I worked on my CORE a whole bunch during this time.  On vacation, I walked a lot which technically counts as a good rest and recovery activity.

“The difference is that your activities are lighter, less demanding and generally performed at a lower level of intensity or the activities are executed at a high level of intensity for a much shorter period of time.”


Here is a picture from one of my gorgeous runs during our vacation.  I love running near the coast!

 To read more on the phase of rest and recovery, here is a link:

Another ritual of this phase is replacing my running shoes.  I have 453 miles on my current shoes which means they are about done.  Since I had a little extra time, I bought new shoes.  I’m like any girl; I love shoe shopping!  However, I like to spend my time in the sports section focusing on all the different running shoes.  I love looking at the different colors of the season.  After looking at several brands, I always turn to my favorite brand, Asics.  According to my kids, I like to try on hundreds of pairs in search of the right ones.  By the way, I quickly learned to go shoe shopping by myself a few years ago.


These are the ones I chose for the next 500 miles, Asics GT1000.

Not sure when to replace your shoes?  Here’s a link for you:

I’m feeling ready to tackle my next season.  And believe me, I have some plans!

Do you take a rest and recovery between seasons?

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