First Speed Workout of the Year

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As I mentioned in my last post, I have started a new half marathon training plan.  Each week consists of a speed workout, a tempo workout, a long run, 2 cycling workouts and a yoga workout.  In addition, I do core strengthening workouts and stretching.

Today starts week #2 of the new plan.  Last week I was out of town and unable to use a track.  I tried to do the workout on the road.  With the hills, it just wasn’t the same as going to the track.  So, this morning I headed for the track for my weekly speed workout.  When I left the house, I was pleased to feel a chill in the air.  It’s been pretty hot here, but fortunately, the nights and mornings have been cool.  I hope it stays that way; it makes the heat a little bit more tolerable!

My workout called for a warm up,  6 x 800 and a cool down.  I live 1.5 miles from the track, so I ran there and back for my warm up and cool down.  Once I see the track, I always get excited.  I love the feeling of the track, I love pushing my body, and I love the memories that I have from my track days.  What I need to do is keep everything under control and not beat up my body.  As my training plan reads, “Remember, you still have 2 other running workouts to complete this week.”  Yep, I need to stay calm.

I decided to go out a little slower than what is recommended.  The plan recommends to use your 5k pace or a little faster as a target pace.  Since it’s been a long time (6-8 months) since I did a speed workout, I decided to be conservative and run a little slower than my 5k pace.  Each of my 800 were consistent which is important.  However, after I completed the 5th 800, I was pretty tired.  I decided to run a 400 instead of an 800 for the last repeat.  I feel like the workout was a success!

The hardest part of speed workouts for me is doing them without first thing in the morning without eating breakfast.  The minute I wake up, I eat half a banana and then get dressed and run out the door.  I’m wondering if I should use a gel on these mornings just to give me a little more calories or if I should train my body to get used to using what I have stored?

By the time I got home, I was more than ready for breakfast!  An egg, raspberries, oatmeal and a cup of tea sure hit the spot!

Do you enjoy track workouts?

Do you do your speed workout before eating?  Do you feel like you have enough energy?


2 thoughts on “First Speed Workout of the Year

  1. Good job! LOVE track workouts!! Maybe I could join you for the next one? Want company?
    I always wonder about the food thing as well…I love early morning workouts, but I never eat before them. Sometimes, if I go out more than 45 min, I’ll eat a GU, but there’s no way I’m getting up at 4am to eat a real breakfast before the workout!

  2. Thanks, Nicole! I’d love company. Even if we are doing totally different workouts, it’s still nice to have a friend out there with you!!! I think I will try a gel next time. It can’t hurt. I will either be running my track workout on M or T depending on Mark’s schedule. Would that work for you? What time would you have to start?

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