I Ditched my Speed Workout for Something Else

Since I am following the Runner’s World FIRST half marathon training plan and only running 3 days a week, each workout has a definite purpose.  Today was supposed to be my speed workout.  However, as I was reviewing my workouts from the past 2 weeks, I noticed something.  The plan lacked hill repeats.

2013 hill image

I don’t want to give up my hill repeat workouts while trail running since trail running is pretty much running in the hills.  The more practice in the hills, the better I will race.  Not only do I love hill repeats, but I think that the workouts help me so much.  Sure, my tempo runs and long runs include hills, but there’s nothing like a hard hill repeat workout.

Today’s workout was:

15 min warm up

5 x 3 min up the hill (recover on the way down)

15 min cool down

In order to measure my progress, I do two things:

  1. I use the same start and finish point on a hill for all 5 repeats
  2. I use the same hill for all my hill repeat workouts.

This morning I was able to complete all 5 repeats in just under 3 mins.  What does that mean?  Well, it means that I have become stronger and it’s time to find a new hill!

This also means that I will be sharing my speed workout day with my hill repeats.  I love both workouts and find value in both.  Alternating the 2 workouts should do the trick.

2013 hill seeker

Do you enjoy hill repeats?  Do you have a favorite hill repeat workout?  I’d love to hear about it.

Wanna read more about the benefits of hill running?  Here’s an article:


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