Tempo Workout

2013 NoWimps


Do you need a good tempo workout?  This morning’s 7 mile tempo workout was a great one for me!  I definitely worked hard, maybe a little bit too hard.  I enjoy pushing myself so a run that includes a push and a rest and another push is really fun!  You may be asking, “What was so hard about it?”  Well, this is what it looked like:

7 miles

1st mile – easy

2 and 3 -medium tempo

4 – easy

5 and 6 – medium tempo

7 th mile – easy

I ate 1/2 a banana before I left and then I used a gel between mile 3 and 4.  I used the gel because I was hungry and I felt like it may give me some needed energy.  Once the kids go back to school, I will have a full breakfast before I train and won’t need to use a gel on these runs.  Until then, I will continue use one.

My favorite thing to do after a hard workout is to eat a big breakfast!  I love breakfast foods.  This morning I had eggs, strawberries and a pancake with peanut butter on it (I don’t like syrup).  I have a hard time eating just one pancake, I love, love, love pancakes.

Do you like tempo runs?  

What do you like to eat after a hard workout?

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