The Color Run……….


This was truly one of my favorite runs ever!!!!!!  Beware, there are lots of photos.  It may just make you want to sign up for the next Color Run.

One of the reasons it was such a fun run is because I got to enjoy it with my daughter.  Here we are before the run, nice and clean.  We didn’t know what to expect other than we weren’t going to look like this at the end.


We had to wait in the crowd just to start the run.  The fun began here as people started opening their bags of color.  I ended up with a little yellow and Natalia ended up with some blue on her forehead.


There’s the start line.  It took awhile, but we weren’t in any rush.  And, the music helped the crowd get pumped up.


We jogged and walked the best we could for the first moments of the run.  It was crowded, but everyone was in good spirits and it’s not a race, so no one seemed to mind how crowded it was.  Here we are with just a few of our friends.


Before long we came to the first color zone.  This is what we had been waiting for.  We wanted to experience “orange.”


Apparently, Natalia wanted to be orange all over.


Once again we were on our way.  We jogged and we walked and we laughed and we talked.  Before long, we were at the blue zone.  This gives you an idea of what each color zone is like.  It’s very colorful, chaotic and incredibly fun!


Here are a few pictures after a few color zones.



Even the local police who were keeping everyone safe had fun.  He probably had more fun than he was supposed to.


Before long, we realized we had visited all the color zones and the fun was going to come to an end.  Or at least that’s what we thought when we saw the finish line.  However, we didn’t know what we were going to experience next.


Yep, we were quite colorful!20130803_103651

And then, we came upon the “after party.”  Holy cow!  Who needs to pay extra for a concert?!  This entertainment was so fun.  The crowd was dancing and singing and went crazy for the free handouts.  And, there was time for more coloring.20130803_105445


When we had to leave, we looked at each other and laughed.  We had a great morning and I had one happy little girl!

20130803_105734We would love to return next year for more fun.  However, we will bring the boys along with us!  What a great way to spend the morning.  We had fun and helped out a great charity (Girls on the Run) at the same time.

Have you ever participated in a Color Run?


2 thoughts on “The Color Run……….

  1. This post made me laugh and smile. Thank you, Jen. What a fun day! Natalia is so pretty and looks just like you!

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