Pre-Race Dinner and Race Day Nutrition

It’s a few days before my race and I’m starting to plan my nutrition for the morning of the race and during the race.  That’s the easy part for me.  I will have eggs and oatmeal for breakfast about 2.5 hours before the race.  Then about an hour before the race I will have ½ a banana if I am hungry.  I will sip on water from the time I get up.  It’s going to be a hot day, but I also have to keep in mind that I have a really, really small bladder and I get nervous before the race (TMI?  Sorry).

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During the race I will use my gel of choice, vanilla flavored Hammer Gels.  Since I will be carrying my own water and my own gels, I don’t have to rely on the aid stations (it will be nice knowing that there will be 4 water stations on this hot day).  I will be able to fuel on my own schedule.  For a road half marathon I use 3 gels.  I tend to carry a 4th one just in case.  I’m still getting used to the differences between road and trail half marathons.  I do know that trail half marathons take me quite a bit longer.    So, I’m planning to use the first gel at 45 minutes and then another one every 30 to 40 minutes after.  Since this half is actually 13.9 miles and pretty hilly, I will most likely need the 4th gel.

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The part of my nutrition plan that is difficult for me is dinner the night before the race.  I like to eat at home since I have a sensitive stomach.  Eating in a restaurant can be tricky for me.  The question becomes what to eat the night before a race?  Even with all the racing that I have done, I still don’t have a favorite pre-race dinner.  I will most likely go with rice and beans in corn tortillas with shrimp mixed in.  Or, I will choose a rice pasta dinner with turkey meatballs.  I tend to cut back on the fruit and veggies that night.  However, I can’t skip them entirely.

What is your favorite pre-race dinner?


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