What’s Next?

I just completed my 2nd trail half marathon for the season, my fourth race of the season.  I’ve reached the, “What’s next?” point in my season.  Originally, I thought I wanted to run a 3rd trail half marathon.  At this moment, I’m feeling like I don’t want to run fast, I just want to run.  I want to run for a long time.  So, I’ve changed my mind.  I’ve set a new goal.

2013 dream

I’m going to start training for my next event immediately, as in, this week.  There isn’t much time left, 10 weeks to be exact.  Even though there’s not much time, I think I’ll be fine!  When making this decision, I also decided that I’m not going to “race” this run.  I’m going to run it hard, but it’s going to be a bridge to the next event.  It will be nice to run without the pressure of wanting to run fast.  I’m going to approach it as a long run on a well supported course.  And, of course, I’m gonna enjoy it!

Once again, I will be entering into new territory.  I will be challenging myself with a new distance. I have never competed in a trail event of this distance.  I’m looking forward to actually stopping and taking some of the yummy snacks off of the table at an aide station.

So what is this event you ask?  It’s a 35k (~22mi) on the trails of Folsom.  I have run 2 races put on by this company and both were great events.  I can only hope for the same.


As in any event, there will be unknowns.  I’m wondering what Mother Nature has planned for this November.  Also, I’m hoping that I can figure out what is making me bonk…..I’m hoping it’s as simple as a lack of electrolytes!  Lastly, I’m doing everything (cross training, pre and post stretching, core exercises, massages to loosen up tight areas, consulting my PT, etc.)  I can to keep my body healthy.  I just need my body to cooperate…….no injuries!!!


One thought on “What’s Next?

  1. I’m happy you’re driven to educate and inspire us with your physical journey.
    Congrats lady and keep bringing motivated topics like these, right from the starting line.

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