The Secret to Staying Motivated!

There are several ways to keep motivated and keep running fun.  Joining a running group can help you make running more of a social outing than exercise.  I’ve also found that I can meet people who run the same pace.  I don’t run with the group all the time, but I definitely enjoy running with other people on a long run.

Another way to keep motivated is to choose a goal.  In general, working towards a goal will help keep you focused and motivated. There is usually a training plan that goes along with the goal.  It’s helpful to be able to check off each workout and see progress.  Building strength and endurance will help boost your confidence.  Each week is another step closer to that goal.  However, make sure the goal is realistic and has a relatively short time frame.  If it’s a long term goal, then include mini goals along the way.

Recently, I set my goal of running a 35k in early November.  This is a distance I haven’t run on the trails yet and is challenging to me!  This goal is one I am going to complete in 10 weeks since I was already well trained for the half marathon distance.

A third way to keep motivated it to get out and explore new areas.  I’d like to start by saying that I feel so fortunate to live in an area with miles and miles of trails to explore (I know, I’ve said it before!).  Although there are plenty to choose from, I tend to run on the same trails.  Naturally, these trails are the closest ones to home.

While looking for some information on one of the trails, I came across a map of Folsom Lake with all the trails marked on it.  While looking at the map, a light bulb went off!

Wouldn’t it be fun to run around the lake?!  Of course, I can’t run that far in one day.  But, as I train for my 35k, I will run different sections of the trail. My mini goal was set!
2013 folsom lake map for blog

If you’re not familiar with the trails around the lake, I’ll point out that there are 2 places where the trail ends.  At one point, I’ll have to run on cement in between the trails.  However, the other place the trail ends and there’s no way to cross the water other than swim or in boat.  So, instead of running a complete circle around the lake, I will run more of an U.  I’m still researching exactly how many miles I will run (hmmmm????).

As of today, I have run 3 sections of the trail, some of it overlapping.  I’ve covered just about 12 miles around the lake.  Unfortunately, since my runs are out and back runs, it will take a little longer to cover all the trails. Perhaps a point to point run is in the near future.  Either way, it’s just the beginning, but I’m determined to finish.

2013 folsom lake section 4

2013 folsom lake section 2

2013 folsom lake section 3

Do you lose motivation to run?

Have you set a new goal recently?

Have you ever run or biked around Folsom Lake or another large lake?


4 thoughts on “The Secret to Staying Motivated!

  1. You should be able to run the whole lake…may have to bushwhacked along the southern bank side going towards auburn. That would be an adventure

    • Alan, Unfortunately, you would have to enter “private property” and I’m not sure that would be a good idea. For now, I’ll cover the area that is open to the public. 🙂

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