Pre Run Breakfast

On a daily basis, I eat about 2 hours before I run.  With my schedule, it just works out that way.  However, on a long, weekend run, I usually eat 1.5 hours before I run because I like sleep more than food.  On race days, I do get up early enough to eat 2 hours before running.

During the summer, I am often forced to run early in the morning when I’m literally rolling out of bed, throwing on my run clothes and heading out the door.  On these early, low mileage runs (~6 miles), I don’t eat before I head out the door.  Or, if I wake up really hungry, I eat a banana and hit the trail.  However, this is not ideal.  It just happens it’s the only way I can fit in my run.  There is absolutely no way I could do this for a long run (over 10 miles).

So, what do I eat for breakfast?


I start with a bowl of organic, gluten free oats with 1 tablespoon of organic honey.


I then cook an egg (thanks to our hens) and I eat some berries (I ate the raspberries before I remembered to take the pic).

This is the breakfast that fuels me for my lighter workouts.  I have to confess that I also have a cup of English Breakfast Tea with a splash of half and half.


On my long run days, I also eat a banana.

Recently, I read someone’s blog and they added a tablespoon of peanut butter to their oatmeal.  That sounds yummy!  I think I’ll try that tomorrow.


I’ve always been told there are 2 types of eaters in life.  There is the person who eats to live and then the person who lives to eat.  Based on this post alone, I bet you can guess which type of eater I am.

I probably need to switch things up a bit every so often.  I’d love some ideas!

What type of eater are you?

Do you eat before you run?

What is your favorite pre run breakfast?


3 thoughts on “Pre Run Breakfast

  1. Before a long walk (2 hrs), I usually have a banana just before starting off bcoz I think it’ll stop me from going hypoglycaemic during the exercise…is that the right thing to do?

    • Johan, it depends. Have you eaten your regular meals? Is it time for a snack? Are you walking briskly or just a stroll? Do you tend to have low blood sugar?Lots of other factors.
      I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but I can say that if you add some protein to your carbs, the carbs will stay with you longer which will help keep your blood sugar stable.
      By the way, bananas have lots of carbs. 1 oz=6 carbs.
      An average banana weighs 4 oz which is 36 carbs.

  2. I’ll wait an hour or so before running if I’ve eaten. But if I’ve been at work all day I’ll come home have a couple of glasses of water then head out. When on holiday I’ll run before breakfast on an empty stomach, seems to work for me.

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