I’m in week 5 of my 10 week training plan.  That’s half way through!  My weekly mileage is increasing and it’s a good feeling to know that my body (especially my hip) is cooperating.  Trail running continues to be fun and adventurous.  This past weekend, there was a bear in the area where we were running.  Yep, a bear!  Fortunately, we missed the bear sighting and only heard about it from the group of mountain bikers that passed us around mile 4.  We did see evidence of the bear on the trail.

My legs are definitely becoming stronger from the long runs as I have never run this far on the trails.  I’m still amazed at how challenging trail running is.  I hope that with more experience, the trails will become easier.  I’m also experimenting with my nutrition and with the help of several people have made a break through.

Looking ahead at my training plan, I notice that I only have 2 more runs that are longer than this past run.  I will run 18 miles this Saturday and then 20 miles in 2 weeks.  After that, I will begin my taper and my long run mileage will start to decrease to give my legs the time to rest and recover.

In addition to my main goal’s update, I’d like to update my mini goal.

The other day, I ran 7 miles for my tempo run and completed another portion (~3.5 miles) of the trail system that goes around Folsom lake.  Not only was this mileage part of my training plan for my race in November, but it also helps me with my mini goal of running around the lake.  Want to read more about my goal and mini goal?  You can visit my previous post, The Secret to Staying Motivated!2013 folsom lake Brown's Ravine past Sophia over levy

While the kids were doing homework, I decided I would create a summary of where I have run since staring my training for the 35k.  The purple line shows where I have run.  I will update again once I have covered more of the trail.

2013 Folsom Lake map w painted completed sections

I’m definitely making progress.  It will still take several more weeks to complete this mini goal since I don’t always run on the trails around the lake.  There are so many trails to choose from, lucky me!

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