Old Salmon Falls Bridge……Great loop!

Yesterday a few friends from my running group and I went on an exploratory run.  We knew that there was an old, historical bridge that is accessible during certain times of the year.  During the fall, and especially this fall, the water is extremely low and you can actually cross the bridge and continue on to make a great 5.5 mile loop.

We started out by crossing the current Salmon Falls Bridge and took the trail to the left (I’m still unsure of the name of this trail).  This trail is rocky the first mile and goes above the river.  After the first mile there is a gradual decline and then some small rollers.  I’ve run this section of the trail several times and never noticed the old bridge.  Is it possible that the bridge is completely covered in the winter and spring months?


I was surprised when we got a glimpse of the bridge and we were only on mile 3.


We were just cruising along, chatting and enjoying the trail

Apparently several people also enjoy hiking, biking or running down to the bridge since there is a trail that goes down to the bridge.


After crossing the bridge, I knew that we would eventually connect to the Sweet Water Trail.  Although we had to find a way to access the trail.  We spotted a seasonal trail that took us right to the main trail.

We turned to the left and followed the Sweet Water Trail for a few miles.  This trail is also a single track trail with some good rollers.  It is a tree covered trail which is nice for warm days.  We ran to the end of the trail and ended up in the parking lot.

This was a great 5.5 mile loop making our exploration very successful!  In fact, I enjoyed it so much I ran it a second time.

2013 Old Salmon Falls Bridge Loop  Yes, it looks like I swam across, but I can assure you that I didn’t.

I’ll be back because I am curious to know if the bridge is entirely immersed under water when the water level rises.

Do you like to go on exploratory runs?

What historical sights do you have in your area?

If you’d like to read more about the history of the bridge, I found this post interesting.


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