Time for New Shoes, Again!

Two weeks ago, I got a dull pain in my knee.  It wasn’t an injury kind of pain.  But, it was a familiar pain.  I decided to check the mileage on my current pair of running shoes even though it seemed like I just bought new shoes.  Sure enough, I was just about at the 300 mile mark for these shoes.  I tend to need to switch out my shoes every 300 – 400 miles unless I run in Asics’s high end shoe, the Kayano.  Then, I can sometimes get 500 miles out of the shoe.  Everyone’s body is different and needs new shoes at a different time.  But, replacing your shoe every 400 miles seems to be about average.

A simple way for me to keep track of how many miles I have on a pair of shoes is to log my workouts.  I’m actually logging my workouts for a different reason, but keeping track of my shoe’s mileage is just an added benefit.  And, believe me, keeping track of the mileage is a huge help in keeping my body healthy and preventing an injury.

2013 time for shoes

So, what shoe did I go with this time?  Well, I don’t like to change things unless there is a problem.  So, I went with the exact same pair (I’ve been an Asics fan for a very, very long time!).  I know, it’s not very exciting, but it’s practical.  I know how they fit and I know that they work for me.  In fact, I can pretty much take them out of the box and not really need to break them in.


I will switch between the “old” pair of shoes for a few more runs, just to give me time to let my feet get used to the new pair.  I will run the shorter runs this week and next week in my new shoes and my long run this weekend in my old shoes.  After that, the new shoes should be good to go!

Although I’m trail running, I still haven’t bought Asics’s trail shoe.  I know that I’ll be looking at those in a few weeks!

How often do you switch your shoes?

Do you have more than one pair of running shoes?

Do you log your miles?


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