Update Week 7 (Old Salmon Falls Bridge and Aqueduct)

This week is week 7 of my 10 week training plan.  Seven weeks ago, I decided that I was going to train for my first 35k (~22 miles) run.  I was already half marathon trained and had been for a few months.  I was ready to increase my mileage on the trails and challenge myself.

This is my last build week and I will end the week with a 20 mile trail run.  I figure if I can run 20 miles, then I can run 22 miles on race day!  Next week I will begin the taper phase which will last 3 weeks.  The weeks have gone by quickly and I am pleased with my progress.

Mini goal update:

A few weeks ago I decided I would also set a mini goal to help keep things fun while working on my main goal of building my endurance for the 35k race.  As my mini goal, I wanted to run the trails that encircle Folsom Lake.

Last week I completed more of the trails.  I ran from Sterling Pointe to Granite Bay.

I enjoyed running Sterling Pointe to Granite Bay and back since I hadn’t ever run the trails in this area.  I also learned that it is part of the AR50 course.  Let me tell you, this was eye opening for me.  I found it to be challenging with all the rocks and the steps.  I always enjoy learning local race courses.

2013 Sterling Pointe Trail

I also ran part of the Darrington Trail (aka Salmon Falls Trail).

2013 Darrington Trail

On this run we were in search of a bridge that is completely covered by water during times of the year. (yes, I wrote about this last week).


Old Salmon Falls Bridge

In addition to running new trails, I also found myself learning some history.  If you’d like to read more about it you can at this link:


And, here is another run where I completed more of the Darrington Trail.

2013 more of Darrington Trail

This time I was in search of an aqueduct that is normally under water.  We found it!


Another historical bridge/aqueduct that is now visible due to low water levels

Here is a map of the trails that I have run around Folsom Lake so far.  I marked the completed sections in purple.

2013 Folsom Lake map w painted completed sectionsI’m definitely making progress.


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