Update…..Week 8………How I taper

It’s time to taper!  I’m in week 8 of my 10 week plan and I couldn’t be more excited.  My legs have been working hard.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt them burn a few times which is when they are becoming stronger, getting used to new distances.  And, the hills in the area have definitely helped me become stronger. My legs feel good and are now ready for a rest.  A few weeks back, I wasn’t sure I was ready to run a 35k, but I kept training, putting in the hard work and hoping for the best.  I made it to the taper phase.

By tapering, I allow my body the chance to rest and recovery which will make me feel refreshed and strong for race day.  I want to the benefits of tapering, but sometimes I have a hard time with tapering.  I get used to a certain amount of mileage/workouts each week, and I crave them.  I admit, there are times when I tend to feel a bit antsy during the taper phase. 

I saw this shirt……..Apparently I’m not the only one that gets antsy during the taper phase.

2013 tapering

My taper phase will last 3 weeks.  During this time, I will still continue to train; however, my mileage will be reduced.  In addition, to these running miles, I also cycle to cross train twice a week.  My cycling miles will also be reduced.

Last Build week – 33 miles

Taper week 1 – 25 miles

Taper week 2 – 18 miles

Taper week 3 – 8 miles + RACE!!!

In addition to reducing my mileage and trying to relax, I also need to finalize my plan for fuel/hydration and for my race pace.

My fuel and hydration plan will come from what I’ve learned during my most recent long runs.  This is where I practiced what I thought would work for race day.  in fact, I’ve learned so much over the last 6 weeks!  I won’t try anything new on race day.  I will also take into consideration what will be offered at the aid stations since this will be the first race that I may actually stop and grab something to go.

My race pace will be based on what I was running for my long runs.  I will be able to speed it up a little bit.  Since this is a new distance for me, I will start with a pace that is really comfortable.  For me, the challenge will be at the beginning of the race.  Since I’m used to shorter races where I’m able to go out fast, I know that I need to hold back .  With a long race, if I go out too fast, I will run out of energy before the end of the race.

I have a few weeks to finalize my plan.  I’ll keep you posted.

If you want to read more about tapering, here is a good article to check out:


Do you taper?

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