Update………week 9

I am starting my second week of taper and feeling ready for my race, even though I still have about 2 weeks until race day.  My legs feel great and I am feeling well trained which makes me feel mentally prepared.  I do have one tiny little issue.  My lower back has been giving me trouble.  It didn’t prevent me from running yesterday, but I definitely have a dull pain that I really wish would go away.

The pain started last week.  I think I must have strained it on my 20 mile run.  I had a massage to try to resolve the problem.  It felt better, but the pain was not completely gone.  Then I mowed the lawn with a neighbor’s lawn mower because our battery died mid way through the job.  The neighbor’s mower was much heavier than ours.  I think that was the last straw!  After that, my back was not happy.

I’ve iced my back, used heat, stretched it, rested it, and taken ibuprofen.  It feels better today than yesterday and it felt better yesterday than the day before.  Unfortunately, it still hurts.  All I can do is hope it gets better, and soon!  It’s hard to stay horizontal when there’s so much to do.

This week I still have 3 runs and 2 rides to complete.  I’ll give myself a rest day today and see how my back feels.  I’ve done all the hard work for race day by now.  So, if I miss a workout or two, it won’t be the end of the world.  I’ll be good and listen to my body (this listening to my body is a concept that took me years to learn).

2 weeks to RACE DAY!!!!!

Mini goal update:

I’ve almost completed my mini goal of running around Folsom Lake.  The purple lines are where I have run.

Yesterday I ran a new trail.  I ran from Sterling Pointe up past Rattlesnake Bar.  Rattlesnake Bar is my ending point on this side of the lake.

2013 Folsom Lake map w painted completed sections

After enjoying the trail yesterday, I’d like to continue on this trail up to Auburn.  I’ll wait to do that until after I’ve completed my mini goal of running around the lake.  The trail was nicely shaded for most of it.  There were some flat areas along with some hills.  All in all, it was an easy to follow trail with great views!  And, it’s part of the AR50 trail, so I’m loving the fact that I can preview and become familiar with the trail for the future.


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