Making a Race Plan

Race day is in less than 2 weeks.  Now that the hard work is done, it’s time for me to start thinking about the details of race day and make a race plan.  Having a plan keeps me calm and helps me have a good race.  I Just have to remember, no matter how much I plan things, most likely I will deal with something that wasn’t in the “plan.”

Here’s my race plan for my first trail 35k:

Pre Race Breakfast – 1 egg, oatmeal with honey

garmin 310xt

Pace – I will start at a 10:00 min/mi pace.  It should be an easy effort.  I can slow down if I find it to be too fast. This is going to take a lot of focus for me. I hope to speed up the second half and finish with a negative split.

2013 hydration

Hydration and Fuel -Fortunately, the race website has all the information I need to make my decisions about food and water.

Aid Station                               Distance       Total Distance

Folsom Point to Browns Ravine          3.5      3.5

Browns Ravine to Planeta                   3.0       6.5

Planeta to NY Creek                            4.3       10.8  (turn around)

NY Creek to Planeta                           4.3       15.1

Planeta to Browns Ravine                  3.0       18.1

Browns Ravine to Folsom Point          3.5       21.6

Total Mileage 21.6

Hydration –  I’m still debating whether I will carry about 30 oz of water in my pack and stop once (at the turn around point) to refill my pack or if I will carry 50 oz of water and not stop to refill, but to drink at each station.  I’ll talk to a few of my friends who have run this distance and then I’ll make up my mind.

peanut butter sandwich

Nutrition –   I’ve been training with PB & honey sandwiches.  I will pack 2 halves and a quarter in my Spibelt and put a Larabar in my pack.  While refilling I can grab some of the sandwich pieces from the aid station.

Each half sandwich is about 200 calories.

I will start to eat about ½ hour into the race to make sure I don’t fall behind.

I will eat ¼ of a sandwich every 30 mins.

I will take 1 salt tablet every hour.

Additional details:

Wake Up Time:  __6;00am_____    (Sleep as late as you possibly can).

I lucked out on this race.  The starting line is about 15 minutes from my house.  I’m planning on sleeping to the last minute and then enjoy the short commute.  I will arrive an hour before start time.

Early Morning 30-minute run?   Yes / No  (Find safe location)

I’ll warm up for about 10 minutes before the race.  I won’t be going out fast since this is a 35k.

Check In / Registration Tasks?  Yes / No  (Get done early)

I registered on line and I’ll pick up my race bib that morning.

Dinner Reservations?   Yes / No  (Better to have a space at an early time if required.)

I’ll eat at home.  I typically do not eat out the night before a race since I have a sensitive tummy.  My pre-race dinner is to be determined.

Race Gear Laid Out?    Yes / No  (Want this done pre-sleep so you can wake & go.)

I will lay out all my gear including making my PB & honey sandwiches and filling my hydration pack.

I will charge my watch the night before.

I’ve decided to run with music.

2013 goals

My Goals:

I recently read in Runner’s World that it’s a good idea to set up a few different goals.

On a good day, I will go out slower than I am used to and I will finish my first 35k.  These are my main goals.

On a great day, I will finish in 3 hours 47 mins.(10.5 min/mi pace)

On an awesome day, I will finish in 3 hours 36 mins (10 min/mi pace)

2013 self talk

Words I will tell myself when it gets tough:

I’m well trained.

I can do this!

I’m going to do this!

Pain is temporary!

(Yep, I can sound like a broken record at times.  Hopefully I will feel strong and have a great race that I won’t need to use any encouraging words.)

Thanks to and Runner’s World for some of their ideas.  If you’d like to see Active’s race plan you can click on the link:

Do you make a race plan for each race?

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