Update week 10…….Race Week!


Here is a glimpse at part of the race course…..Beautiful!

So here I am.  It’s race week.  I’m feeling excited and nervous, but ready to run!  Unfortunately, my lower back is still bothering me.  I’m off to physical therapy this week.  It’s amazing what physical therapy can do.  Until race day, I am going to try to rest my back.  I have 2 short runs on Monday and Wednesday and then the race on Saturday.

20131026_093303This is how I’ve been icing my back all week.  My kids already think I’m crazy, so my fancy ice belt didn’t surprise them.

I won’t be cross training this week.  However, with Halloween festivities, I’m sure I will keep myself busy.  In addition, I’ve just started a Facebook page for EDH RUNNER ( https://www.facebook.com/edhrunner ).  If you haven’t already, stop by and check it out!   Hopefully, I’ll keep busy and won’t find myself feeling lazy or anxious in this last week of the taper phase.

Although I have extra energy that I want to use, I’ve learned that I should NOT take on any “special” physical projects.  In the past this has lead me to injury!  I’ve found that I need to keep any of those “out of the ordinary” physical projects for recovery weeks.  Wait until I show you what I’m planning!

Here is a look at my long runs over the last 10 weeks.  I was already 1/2 marathon trained and had been for a couple of months before I decided to increase my mileage.  I had just raced and finished a recovery week.  I then started my 10 week plan.  I always recommend having a good base before increasing mileage.  Us runners are notorious for wanting to run too much, too quickly.

2013 35k long runs

Active just published another good article about tapering:


I’m pretty sure the week will go by quickly.

How do you deal with extra energy during taper week?

Do you like taper week(s)?

Do you feel lazy?


I’ve been working on my mini goal of running the trails around Folsom Lake.  Yesterday, I finished another section.  I thought I would be able to complete this goal by the time I ran my race on 11/2, but I’m still missing a few sections.  On a good note, having this mini goal was really fun.  It gave me a reason to run new trails.  Without the mini goal, I may have just run the same trails over and over again.

My mini goal was created as an example of how to stay motivated.  You can read more about staying motivated on my post The Secret to Staying Motivated.

2013 Beals to Granite Bay (almost)

Completed sections are in purple.

2013 Folsom Lake map w painted completed sections

Wanna know about one of these trails?  Just send me an email and I’ll do my best to answer your question.


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