My Favorite Running Songs

Do you ever wonder what people are listening to while they run?


I often listen to the same songs over and over.  I’m trying to get better about changing it up, but certain songs have a purpose.   Did you know the song’s number of beats per minute can make you run either slower or faster?  You can read more in my post Running to the Beat.

I  made the decision to run with music for Saturday’s race.  I don’t depend on the music, but I do enjoy listening and singing to it (My kids have begged me not to sing out loud).

I put together this list of songs for my race this weekend.  I chose some songs that will help me start off slowly when I need to control my pace.  Note:  the first song is for pre race warm up.  It helps me put on my race face.

2013 race music 35k

I then chose some songs that will help me pick up the pace and help me with a few climbs.  I know the course and so I was able to estimate when I would hit certain sections.

Then there’s a handful of songs  to help me speed up a bit.

2013 race music 35k part 2

I repeated some of the songs for the last 30 mins or so of the race.  These are songs that I think will give me some extra energy to finish strong.

I do have to say, there is at least one song on this list that I don’t use for it’s lyrics, but rather the music.  Sometimes I make up my own lyrics.

Do you run with music?

Do you have a favorite song that helps you finish strong?

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Running Songs

  1. I don’t run with music because most races don’t allow it and I follow the rules. Looking at your playlist I see quite a few songs with bad language and so what I learned from this post is that not only do you disregard authority, you cuss a lot as well.

    • Actually, I am a total rule follower. This race does NOT prohibit the use of music. Recently, I didn’t run with music because the race director clearly stated that earphones were not allowed.
      And, yes, there are a lot of “bad words.” But, I’ve known these words for a long time and I know when it’s appropriate to use them. Even though I know these words, I’ll bet you you’ve never heard me swear. It’s just not my style. So, I hope you don’t get the wrong idea. I just like the beat of the music.

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