Rest and Recovery Project

Since I ran my race a week and a half ago, I’ve been on rest and recovery.  This means a few things.  For now, I’ll tell ya that it means that my mileage is super low.  But, that doesn’t mean that I’m sitting around with nothing to do.  I know myself better than that.  I know that I need to have a project to work on.

This post has little to do with running, but I thought you may be interested in what I do when I don’t run.

This time around,  I kind of turned my project it into a family project.  I had good intentions, it’s just that I’m not super comfortable around power tools, and I’m not the strongest person around.  Therefore, I needed to recruit some help.

With my extra time, I decided to build a new chicken coop.  Our current one needed to be replaced for several reasons and I also wanted to improve my wood working skills and comfort level with some basic power tools.

After planning on paper, we were off to Home Depot for wood.

20131109_141157Like I said, this turned into a family project.  So, after my husband cut the wood that I had measured, I predrilled the wood.  Eventually, I even cut some of the wood.


My husband and our son screwed the pieces together.  Originally, I was going to do this, but I couldn’t screw in a 3 1/2″ screw for the life of me (talk about being frustrated).


Then our daughter wanted to help out, too!  She was good at predrilling just like me.


The frame was coming together nicely.  By the end of Saturday, we had the main frame completed.  I looked at it and it was too wide!  I decided it was better to fix it now than when it was completed.

Sunday morning, I took apart four boards, not too much, for my husband to recut.

Over the next two days, we worked together (mainly my husband and I).  I had to go back out for more supplies and returned to a completed frame.


We decided it was time to move it to it’s new location before it got too heavy.  A nice neighbor came to help my husband move it.

Once it was in it’s new location, I predrilled the bottom boards and decided to try to screw them down since we were using smaller screws.  This time I was successful!


I continued on my roll and predrilled and screwed down the side wall of the coop.


Yep!  This is how I’ve been spending my extra time while giving my running muscles a break.

What do you do on rest and recovery?


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