Another Week of Rest and Recovery

I read an article on rest and recovery that suggests following a reverse taper after running a marathon.  Although I didn’t run a full marathon, I was out there on the trails for just about the same amount of time as I would have been for a road marathon.  I liked this idea and so I tried to follow it.

“Follow a reverse taper when returning to your running regimen. That is, start with a few 30- to 40-minute easy paced runs and test the waters. If things feel good, gradually increase the duration and frequency of the runs. Keep the running intensity easy for at least three weeks post-marathon. And most importantly—listen to your body. If there are lingering aches and pains, consider taking a few more active rest days and let things heal completely.”  (

The first week I really took it easy.  I only ran about 15 miles.  I was still tired from the race and knew that I needed to be low key.

2013 wk 1 rest and recovery

The second week, I was working on my rest and recovery project, but I also managed to run 25 miles.  I probably should have only logged about 20, but I was feeling good and enjoying my time running with friends.

2013 rest and recovery week

This week, the third week, I was  busy with family activities, but still managed to log 20 miles.

2013 week 3 rest and recovery

Although I’m enjoying the lack of a true plan, I do know that I want to keep my fitness up.  At times, following a plan can be mentally exhausting as well as physically exhausting.  I’m taking full advantage of this break.

I also worked on finishing the chicken coop, which was my rest and recovery project, with the help of my husband and my dad.  Thanks, Guys!  The only thing that we still need to do is hang the door on the right side.  I accidentally only bought 2 hinges when I needed 4.


I’ve also been working on one other thing during these past weeks.  I’ll share more about this in a post in the near future.

Starting in early December, I’ll be back to training and sticking to a plan.   Until then, I will enjoy time with my family and run when I feel like it.  Ok, I’m aiming to log about 20-25 miles a week and I’ll add some time riding.


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