Road Trip (part 2 and a run!)

The next morning we were on our way to our next stop, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. P1030156

Years ago, my husband floated down the Colorado River, but never saw the Grand Canyon from the top.  And, I saw it 20 years ago on a very cloudy day.  So, we were all excited to arrive at the first observation point.  My daughter said, “The canyon is spectacular!”  We could have stood there for hours.  The canyon was enormous, the colors were beautiful, and the different layers of rock peaked my interest.  I couldn’t wait for us to learn more about it.  Once again, the pictures don’t do justice.  The canyon is stunning!



We checked into the lodge and bundled up, we weren’t in California.  There were only a few hours of sunlight left for the day.  We went for a walk along the rim and then took the bus to one of the best spots to view the sunset.  The sun’s light illuminated the canyon as it set, an incredible sight!  By the time the sun set, we were all frozen and ready to warm up over dinner.


In the morning, I went for a run (finally).  My native Californian body isn’t used to temperatures in the 30’s. I dressed in 2 layers on top and bottom, a hat and gloves to keep warm.  I’ve never run with 2 pairs of running pants, but I was glad I did.  I managed to keep toasty warm.

The Grand Canyon RunYou can tell I was indecisive about where I should run.

I ran along the rim for a bit and then decided to run down the trail into the canyon.  Once I started, I noticed that I was descending fast and I would have to climb out eventually.  There weren’t many people around and I had the warnings of not going too far into the canyon in my head, so I decided I better run down just a bit and turn around.   

20131127_121622During my  run, I passed through this cool tunnel.

It didn’t take as long to climb out as I thought it would.  I think I only ran down .5 of a mile.  I instantly regretted not running down farther.  Once out of the canyon, I continued to run along the rim and enjoyed my view of the canyon. 

As I ran around a curve, I saw 3 wild animals that I had never seen.  At first glance, they looked like deer, but with much longer legs.  They didn’t have long tails, but more of a stub.  They were eating and didn’t pay any attention to me as I passed by.  My family thinks they were elk.  After looking at a few possibilities on Google, I agree.

Later that morning we went on the ranger led Fossil Walk.  We explored a 270 million year old fossil bed from before the age of dinosaurs.


During my run, I found a cool tunnel that I wanted to show the family.   And, it just happens that during the ranger led walk, we learned that there were petroglyphs in the same area.  We had to go check it out!


We climbed back into the van and headed towards our next desination soaking up every last glimpse of the canyon that we could.  As we approached the east exit, there was a dusting of snow which made the views of the canyon even prettier.



We must have taken over 300 pictures of the Grand Canyon, but these pictures were a few of the best views.

Once again, we left wanting to spend more time there.  I guess we’ll have to visit again.

One thought on “Road Trip (part 2 and a run!)

  1. Hi Jen! It sure looks amazing from your photos…but very cold! I think I’ll have to visit in the warmer months(!) I’m glad you didn’t meet any mountain lions or cougars on your run! At least, the snakes would’ve been hibernating. Really fascinating stuff about the fossils…I would’ve been interested in paleontology or archeology in another life! 😉
    Looking forward to the 3rd installment!

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