My Next Challenge……….

After having a great first year on the trails, I decided I’m hooked and want to continue trail running for a long time.  I actually knew this about 6 months into the year.  I love the scenery and I love the challenge of the trails.  In addition, I don’t have as many aches and pains like I did when I was road running.  Although for the record, I’m not done road racing.  I’m just taking a break.

I’ve decided to train for my first ultramarathon.  The 50k (31 mile) run will be on Saturday, April 26th.   I chose another Folsom Lake Trail Run.  I know the course well and Inside Trail Racing always puts on a great job with their races.

After decided on my next challenge, I needed to figure out a plan.  I looked through a few and decided that this is the training plan that I’ll be using.  You can check out the 20 week plan here.

Although I’ve never trained with alternating hard/easy weeks, I think that my body will appreciate this, especially since there are a lot of long runs and the weekly mileage is high, for me.

I’ll be honest, I’m a little nervous about the weekly mileage.  In 2012 when I was training for a marathon, I ran my highest weekly mileage (45 and 46 miles per week).  I felt like that was a lot, but yet I will be running many more miles per week in this training plan.  Bring on the challenge!

I did make a few modifications to this plan.  Everyone is different, and I’ve learned what my body can handle.  Running 3 consecutive days will do more damage than good for me.  So, I will substitute cycling for one of the short run days.

Running the day after my long run probably isn’t needed for a 50k and again, I feel like it would do more damage than good.  So, I will take a rest day the day after my long run.

My week will consist of 4 days of running, 1 day of cycling and 2 rest days.  In addition, I will be stretching like crazy, working on my core 3 days a week and strengthening my upper body 3 days a week.

Training starts today!  I hope you’ll follow me on my journey.

Wanna join in? Let me know and we can support each other!


4 thoughts on “My Next Challenge……….

  1. Congrats on deciding to run your first ultra! I really want to run a trail race next year. As much as I love road races, there is nothing quite like the beauty of trail running. Good luck with your training, I will definitely be following along!

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