Thank you Larabar!

I look back and am puzzled as to why I was reluctant to try my first LARABAR. I guess I never was a fan of dates. Once I tried a Peanut Butter Cookie bar, I was hooked.

One of the reasons I tried a LARABAR was because I knew that the bars were a healthy, clean, nutritious snack.  The bars are made with very few ingredients (like 3 or 4) and all the ingredients are real food ingredients.  Seriously, you have to try one.  Scroll through the different flavors; there has to be one that you’d like.  When you click on the different flavors, you can also see the natural ingredients.

I usually buy the peanut butter flavored LARABAR, but wanted to try a few other flavors.  I was thrilled when LARABAR sent me 5 flavors to try.


I received these flavors:  Cashew Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, Snickerdoodle, Pecan Pie and Carrot Cake.  I added in my own Peanut Butter Cookie.

I decided over the next 6 days I would try each one and decide which ones are my favorites so I could add some variety to my diet.

The results……….By far, my favorite is the Pecan Pie flavored bar.  My second favorite was the Pumpkin Pie.  I still would choose the Peanut butter over the other flavors.  However, a strong contender for third place is the Snickerdoodle flavor.  I’d say the Cashew Cookie was pretty good, too.  And, I didn’t care much for the carrot cake flavored bar.

Not only do I eat the bars for a snack on a non run day, but I pack one in my bag for after my run.  The bars have a good carbohydrate to protein ratio (ie 23 carbs 6 protein) and have about 220 calories.

Since I’m using “real” food for fuel out on my long trail runs, I’m hoping to use these bars as part of my fuel.

If you haven’t tried a Larabar, please do.  They are super yummy!

My only complaint is that I can’t find the most the flavors that I like in my area.  I’ll be placing an online order soon!


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