Back to Training…….

After taking a few weeks to rest and recover, I just completed the first week of a 20 week training plan.  I love following a plan.  It gives me structure for the week, but more importantly, it helps me achieve a goal.  I’m a very goal oriented person, in case you hadn’t figured that out.  As soon as I check off one goal, I’m working on the next one.  This time around, I’m working on a 50k run (31 miles).  I’ll be running mileage that I’ve never logged before.  I’m really excited to take on this challenge.

Last week was one of my higher mileage weeks for 2013.  32 miles isn’t a huge number, but this year I was keeping my mileage around 30 miles per week.  I was giving my body some much needed rest.

2013 week 1 50k

I finished the week with a nice 16 miler along the trails that skirt Folsom Lake.  Most the time this trail is very scenic, but this time of the year there isn’t much water in the lake.

2013-12-15 run sophia past spanish house

These 16 miles are part of the race course.  I feel fortunate that I’m able to train on the actual course.  I’ll be running different sections of the course throughout my training.

This week is considered an easy week.  I’m looking forward to  letting my body recover from some hard work and getting ready for next week’s build.

At home, I’m working hard on strengthening both my core and upper body.  I already have a core routine built into my week.  I do the routine 3x/week. I’m still working on making my upper body routine a habit.  And, of course, I make time for lots of stretching.


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