Update week 2……

I just completed week 2 of the 20 week plan.  The plan alternates between hard and easy weeks.  This made week 2 an easy week and boy was I thankful!

The week looked like this:

Mon – 4 miles

Tues – cycle 40 mins.

Wed – 4 miles

Thur – 4 miles

Fri – REST

Sat – 6 miles

Sun – REST

2013-12-22 week #2

Pretty easy week, huh?  Well, like I said, I was really thankful because there was a ton of fun going on in my family life and I needed the extra time.

Although the mileage was low for each run, I had heavy legs on Thursday which meant one thing.  I ran too fast on Wed.  Should I be using some of these shorter runs for speed workouts?  I’m not sure yet.  I think the purpose of the easy week is to let your body fully recover and get ready for the next week’s build.

Next week is going to be challenging with longer runs and more holiday fun.

Happy Holidays!!!  I hope you are able to find time to get out and run!


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