Shoe Alert!

When did you last replace your running shoes?

Have you checked your shoes’ mileage lately?

I feel like I am continuously buying running shoes!  I purchased my current pair of running shoes and wrote about them in early Oct.  But, here we are again.  It’s time to start thinking about a new pair.

I knew it was getting close to the time I would need new shoes.  I decided to check the mileage, as numbers don’t lie.  I log my runs into Training Peaks and it quickly adds up my total for any given time period.

2014 shoe mileage

As of this morning, I have run 326.85 miles on these shoes.  By the weekend, I will have over 350.  By next week, I’ll have closer to 380 miles.  You can see that the miles will add up pretty quickly.  This means, I need to go shopping!

Not everyone needs to replace their shoes so quickly.  But, most people need to replace them around 400 miles.  I tend to replace them between 350-400 miles.  Since I’m not running in the high end shoes anymore, I don’t get as many miles out of them.

One of the ways I can tell that I need new shoes is a little ache in my knee.  When my shoes are new and provide the needed support and cushion, I don’t get this pain.  When my shoes have many miles on them, the pain resurfaces.

If you are unsure when to replace your shoes, this Competitor’s article may help you out.

You may wonder why I keep bringing up this idea of replacing your shoes?  Well, during one year, I didn’t pay any attention and ended up with an injury.  It was an injury that could have been prevented.  When I did calculate the miles, I had close to 600 miles on that pair of shoes.

How often do you replace your shoes?

Does your body tell you when it’s time for new shoes or do you check your mileage?

Do you run until your shoes fall apart before replacing them?


One thought on “Shoe Alert!

  1. We definitely fall pretty close to the 300-400 miles per pair, and always feel like we’re shoe shopping! I usually get some shin pain when my shoes are nearing the end of their life cycle, or the bottoms of my feet will start to hurt after only a couple of miles. Happy New Year, and thanks for following us!

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