Update week 5…..

I just finished week 5 of the 50k training plan.  This week was considered a hard week and I definitely worked hard.  But, at the same time, I took 3 rest days this week, which is unusual for me.

The workouts were supposed to be:

Mon – 8 miles

Tues – ride 40 mins.

Wed – 6 miles

Thurs – 4 miles

Fri – rest

Sat – 20 miles

Sun – rest

2014 week 5 mileage

I completed the planned mileage, but ended up accidentally running 10 miles on Wed.  How do you accidentally run?  Well, I had planned to run 6 miles.  But, somewhere along the way I dropped my phone. I knew I had it with me on the way back home at the 4 mile mark.  I completed the 6 miles and got home before I noticed that it had dropped.

Of course, I had to go back searching for it which added on another 4 miles (2 miles out and 2 miles back).  This meant that I ran a total of 10 miles on Wed.

I never found my phone, but another trail user did and he/she turned it in at a nearby visitor’s center……..lucky me!

Since my mileage is already increasing each week and I had a long run planned for Saturday, I decided not to run again on Thursday and to rest both Thursday and Friday.  Taking a rest day doesn’t mean I do nothing.  I made sure to take the time to complete my core and upper body workouts on Thursday.  Then, I got a bunch of errands done.  Although I was on my feet, I didn’t do anything with high impact.  I wanted to be well rested for Saturday.

Saturday’s run was both fun and a success.  At this time, 20 miles on the trail is still challenging for me.  I started off with my running club (Folsom’s Trail Runners).  There were about 30 of us running different distances, but along the same trail.

2014 20 miler

It was an out and back run along Folsom Lake.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much water right now which takes away from the view.  But the sections of the trail with a lake view are breathtaking.

2014 20 mile run pic 1

Photo by Edd

There’s something peacefully about running through the oak tree covered sections of the trail. This run covered 2/3’s of the actual race day trail.  I feel lucky being able to practice on it.

2014 20 mile run pic 2

Photo by Edd

I consider the run a success.  I feel like I fueled well.  I ate about 200 calories per hour.  I ate peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut into pieces as well as 1 bag of Stinger chews.  My hydration plan went well, too.  I had plenty of water since I was able to refill at the half way point.  I still feel like there could have been a better plan for my electrolyte intake.  I’m still doing some research on this.

I also noticed that my legs are getting stronger.  This is only the 3rd time that I have run 20 miles on the trail.  At mile 18 my legs still felt strong.  It wasn’t really until the last mile that my legs felt tired.  Each long run from now on will help build that strength.  There is still plenty of time to increase my strength and mileage before race day.

I’m definitely ready for an easy week!  Plus an easy week gives me the opportunity to break in my new shoes.

20140113_094727I went with a pair of Asics GT 2000.  They are the 2013 model which means I got a screaming deal.  It’s hard to pay the big bucks when I’m replacing my shoes so frequently.

I’m still debating about which pair of trail shoes to get……….

What was your first pair of trail running shoes?


6 thoughts on “Update week 5…..

  1. Wow, I just checked out your training plan..looks so intimidating to me! I’m sure the payoff will be tremendous. So much luck to you 🙂

    My trail shoes are Asics too. I don’t know the exact model but I paid $30 for them on clearance and I’ve gotten more than my money’s worth out of them!

    • Thanks for the luck, Jamie. From now on, the long runs will either make me or break me. And, quite frankly, I’m not planning on breaking. 🙂

      I love Asics shoes. I’ve been running in them for several years. These are actually road shoes. I’m still debating on which trail ones (Asics Trail GT 2000 vs Asics Scout). What model do you have?

      • My trail shoes are Gel-Trabuco 14..I think it’s an outdated model. I do like them, but I’ve never run more than 10ish miles in them so I don’t know how they hold up over longer distances. But I’m completely sold on the Asics brand. I tried running in Brooks (road shoes) and had varying degrees of shin pain for months. Then I went back to my Asics and my legs are 100% again!

  2. I like the Asics Gel Scout for trail shoes! Although I just purchased my first pair of Hokas (Kailua model) end of November and so far love them, especially for long runs 🙂

    • Beth, are your road running shoes Asics, too? Also, I didn’t know that you got Hokas!!! I’ll be interested in hearing how you like them in a few months.

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